Our local heritage is in the farmed fields, green houses and raised beds around us. All year round, we help keep your flowers, vegetables and grass growing well. Our customers often look to us for seeds, tools, compost, fertilisers and pest control.


What garden gear do you need? We have gloves and wellies for comfort. There are trowels, forks, spades and shovels for jobs big and small. To tidy up the cuttings we have rakes and incinerators.

Feeding and WateringBird Feed

Most likely, your peaceful garden will simply attract friendly flyers with seeds from our feeders. Meanwhile, you may want gnomes to keep an eye on any foxes prowling around the chicken wire, or the birds scanning for fish under our pond netting. Yikes!

We’d like to sell sunshine too, but it can’t be sunny every day. So we stock watering cans, water butts, hose pipes and connectors for the dryer months.


For some, the garden is an escape. For many, that involves a shed. We provide a selection of wood stains, including Ronseal and Cuprinol, for keeping the summer houses, fences and outdoor furniture looking great. If you’re laying gravel, try our ground sheeting and keep your new path neat with one of our brushes. Now, your garden looks and feels great!