You’re hands on and you need DIY essentials at your fingertips, fast. Our electrical, plumbing, decorating and ironmongery supplies are waiting for you to complete that household fix. We think we’ve got every room covered, so try us first.


Trying to avoid calling the electrician for once? Let us help. We have bulbsLEDs, halogen lamps, fluorescent tubes, cables (TV and phone) and much more.


Turn off the stop clock. Get the tools at the ready. Let’s plumb! We have a wide range of Yorkshire and Prestex fittings to fit household pipes. Nip in to ask us before heading to town.


A fresh lick of paint brightens any room. We stock Dulux paints and emulsions, Berger brilliant white and magnolia, and Ronseal and Hammerite for woods and metals. Then there’s Polycel fillersEverbuild mastics, alongside a choice of brushes and rollers with trays.


diy-names-dsc_1471It’s the nuts and bolts of DIY, literally. We have a huge supply of nails and screws for your projects at home. There are handles, hinges, and hooks along with brackets and bits for your drills.

If we don’t stock something you need, we’ll always try to source it for you. We’re here to help you get the job, jobbed.