There is a shop in Marshland Street,
Come and visit, you’re in for a treat!
Lots of things for you to buy,
If you’ve got a discerning eye.

Greetings cards, toys and games,
Welly boots for when it rains.
Cooking tins and kitchen utensils,
Books, pens and colouring pencils.

Tins of paint in lots of colours,
Nails, screws, all types of fillers.
Bulbs, batteries for you to buy,
Rope and string for you to tie.

Gardening tools, seeds and compost,
Logs and coal for you at low cost.
And when you need a sewing thread,
Don’t go to town, come to us instead.

As well as slippers, gloves and socks,
photo frames, ornaments and clocks.
Everything you could possibly need,
Even dog, cat and wild bird feed.

So come and have a look around,
You don’t have to spend a pound.
Even though we would like you to,
There is no charge for you to view.

by Linda Cox, Owner.